Employee Navigator

We believe in using technology to modernize benefits & HR.

Employee Navigator centralizes your HR records online and syncs your employee data across multiple systems, including payroll, and benefits. Until now, benefits & HR technology has been outsourced, expensive, and difficult to use. Streamline HR partners with Employee Navigator, bringing the costs down so every employer can benefit from the easy-to-use platform.


Enrolling in Benefits

You can login to review benefits 24/7!

Step 1: Log In
Go to www.employeenavigator.com and click Login.

  • Returning users: Log in with the username and password you selected. Click Reset a forgotten password.
  • First time users: Click on your Registration Link in the email sent to you by your admin or Register as a new user. Create an account and create your own username and password.

Step 2: Welcome!
After login, click Let’s Begin to complete your required tasks.

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